BotsGas Limited is an Australian oil and gas company focused on exploration and development opportunities for natural gas in Botswana.

Our Project/Overview

Project Location 

BotsGas Pty Ltd has agreed to farm into Pure Hydrogen’s (ASX: PH2) Serowe CBM Project in a high-grade CBM region of Botswana. All approvals have been secured for the 95+ well drilling program and BotsGas is approaching the drilling of its initial corehole as Project Manager and Operator. The Company aims to establish a contingent resource while jointly pursuing off-take agreements. BotsGas and PH2 share the same vision of gas underpinning a transition to cleaner energy within Southern Africa.

Listing BotsGas on the ASX in 2021/22 will always be considered. The Company is in discussions with a potential gas buyer to secure a CBM off-take agreement (a CBM-to-power company), targeting Botswana’s domestic market hungry for reliable clean energy as well as market gas and power to neighbouring South Africa in the future.

Botswana at a Glance

botswana project
  • Population 3 million
  • Politically and financially stable:
    • GDP ~US$18 Billion
    • Foreign Currency Reserves US$7.5 Billion
    • GDP Growth (2018) 5%
  • Supportive Foreign Investment culture:
    • Fraser Inst 3 in Africa after Mauritius and Cape Verde
  • Favourable credit ratings:
    • Moody's A2 Stable (2019)
  • Economic freedom score of 5 (2019)
    • 36 in world, No 1 in Africa

Botswana ranked 1st by The Economist in 2020 in terms of financial strength compared with 66 other developing nations.

BotsGas has farmed into the Serowe CBM Gas Project because:

  1. PH2 and BotsGas share the same vision of a stable green Energy Hub within Botswana
    with the future potential to support wider regions
  2. PH2 has a 6 Tcf (trillion cubic feet), Independently Certified Prospective Resource on its 100% owned Serowe CBM Project, with ~2.4 Tcf potentially located within a high grade area1
  3. PH2 is targeting the Serowe coal seams, as the following properties result in best production rates, lower operational costs and less technical risk:
    • Shallow (~250 to 500m depth; 12m coal over 50m gross interval)
    • Gaseous Coal (80-100% Gas Saturations )
    • CBM can be readily abstracted by a series of low-cost, vertical wells
    • No horizontal drilling and fracking required

PH2 is led by Ron Prefontaine, as Chairman, a noted CBM specialist, who leads a team with proven CBM and significant value adding expertise.